Families Sue Docs Over MMR Hell

Claim sparks floodgates fear


Two Scots families are suing for damages claiming their young sons became autistic because of the controversial MMR jab. If their court bids are successful, it will open the way for of claims by thousands of other families who claim the vaccination sparked autism in their children.

The families have lodged separate claims in the High Court in London against both the doctors and drug firms involved. Alex and Carol Grant, of Merrylee, Glasgow, said the triple vaccination intended to prevent measles, and rubella caused the condition in their son Martin, now aged 11. Carol, 38, said Martin's behaviour changed soon after he received the jag at their local GP surgery.

She explained, "He was only 17 months old, but you noticed things with him weren't quite right. He would line up his cars and get angry if anyone upset his toys. He would rock back and forth endlessly until his head was hitting the wall." And Carol detailed how his life has been turned into a nightmare by bullies, as he has grown older.

She said, "He has been attacked in the street and kicked and punched off his bike by teenagers who pick on him because he is different. He has been spat on, sworn at, called names all because he is autistic." The Grants have a daughter, Claire, eight who also had the jag but did not develop autism. Dad, Alex, 45, a painter and decorator said: "We hope this legal action will help us get to the bottom of why some people develop autism and some don't."

The other family making a claim, the McCombs of Possilpark, are suing over their 10-year-old son, Jamie. Last night his dad James said: "My son has been affected by autism and it has been pretty bad. But I would rather our situation was kept private."

Both families face a long struggle it could be two years before the claims come to court.


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